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at 20000 days old.

at 20000 days old.

this is how i really look.  how i really feel is an entirely different matter.  20000 days old!  Not bad eh?  who’d a thought i’d weather the storm this long?  Some very good friends have been dead and buried now for over a decade and a half.  the grey hair is a testament to longevity and my mother’s side of the family, her only brother still has a full head of silver hair; on my father’s side my cousins were all going bald before they finished high school.

Generally speaking i have a face that only a mother could love; my baby blues are the one physical feature that melts women’s hearts.  Living most of my life in Asia i’ve found they really set me apart from the madding crowd. the glasses are a testament to incipient eye failure; i’m reading too much.

i’m long in tooth, but toothless as a teddy-bear; actually still have most of my teeth and, unlike my parents who didn’t eat well during the depression, have not been forced to wear dentures.

the beard is a conscious decision that came about because, as an action researcher, i want to look the part and be seen as mature and wise.  living in an arab culture where many men are bearded it also gives me a way of physically fitting into my research setting.

my schnoz allows me to sniff out trouble, sometimes before it happens.



  1. Looking every bit the academic you are! Beard gives you some of that EdD
    respectability……HeHeHe, till people share a beer with you anyways!

    • thanks Beate, playing the role is harder than just looking the part. i have to keep focused on the goal and constantly remind myself that everything that happens at work is, as my on site supervisor says, data.

  2. very direct, nice self-portrait and text. 😀

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