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MailBombGraphic-EventBeing an external student can be a real pain.  i keep getting all these wonderful Coming Events Announcement emails about all the wonderful free stuff to go and see and do on campus but i can’t exactly get over there at Murdoch.  It all sounds so great!  For instance, if i had my druthers, i’d like to go and see: Learning interactively for Engagement: Meeting the pedagogical needs of students from refugee backgrounds this coming Friday.  It sounds really interesting! 

worldmapLast week i wanted to go and see Wendy Cumming-Potvin’s seminar on Diversity, Pedagogy and ‘Multiliteracies’: Toward Socially Just Teacher Education and School Communities. Couldn’t exactly hop on my bicycle and head into campus for the lecture.

i ended up appealing to Maria Hoppen <> at the Education Research and Academic Programs office to see if i could possibly attend virtually, i.e. via skype or if the seminar could be digitally recorded and then downloaded on to the Uni website (or youtube)!  Apparently this may happen! i am waiting with bated breath, in an-ti-ci-pation….

Those of you who are actually in Perth may not realize how lucky you are to have access to such things as a free lecture now and again.  You probably take the library for granted too!  Take advantage of campus life while you can…


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