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love_graphics_08you know how it is.  Things get piled up; assignments, part-time jobs, classes, studying for mid-terms… Once, as an undergrad, i had three assignments for different courses due the same day.  i stayed up for 3 days and 3 nights to get them all finished and in on time so as not to face a penalty for tardiness.

i then learned that it was possible to ask for an extension… get extra time and not get penalized.  The only thing was coming up with a plausible explaination.  during second year my then paramour (no i didn’t marry my Uni sweetheart; didn’t marry my high-school sweetie either) came up with the fantasic idea of telling my prof that, “i’m in love!”

So i went to see my prof, she listened to my excuse, smiled and, eyes twinkling, gave me an extra two days…  i’ve never tried that particular excuse on a male prof but i think the whole process of attempting to get an extension and what excuse/reason used would make, at the very least, an interesting research paper in sociology or psychology…


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