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i started my Masters in 1992 and did the course work, part-time, for two years.  Then life, single parenting, divorce, more single parenting and five family moves intervened.  In late 2002 i contacted my favourite prof (this was UNI SA, not Murdoch (oops! isn’t this blog supposed to be supporting Murdoch?)) and asked what the possibilities of continuing my studies were.  He told me to write to the Dean of the Faculty and explain my situation to see if they were willing to take me on again.  They did and the rest is history: i did some action research revolving around the teacher training i was then doing in rural Malaysia; wrote it up; submitted it and managed to graduate a full decade after i was originally scheduled to.  That M.Ed. allowed me to apply for the Ed. D. i’m registered in now.



  1. It’s fantastic that UNI SA has such a flexible policy! It’s reflective of the administration and staff who are very aware that students come in different sizes, modes and with varied life experiences. I wonder what Murdoch University policy is regarding extension…

    • UNISA’s “Flexible Learning Center” took care of external students. When i attended the graduation ceremony in Kuala Lumpur i thanked the highest ranking Uni official for being willing to take me back on and keep all my previous credits. As regards personal notes on Murdoch’s way of handling extensions read my next post… coming soon to this blog…

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