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10 random things that make Murdoch special for me…

1. The Graduate Centre: There is a good level of support; if i have queries they are generally answered fairly efficiently.

2. Many interactions with the Uni have come via the internet.  i would, therefore, have to rate the world wide web as a fairly big player in my Murdoch experience.  (the last time i started a distance ed degree it was before the internet was widely in use so being able to send in assignments by email is absolutely brilliant.)  i also like getting feedback via the internet too.  i’m finding that my profs give me fairly timely direction and feedback on assignments via email. i’ve also found it easy to pay my fees using the internet.  Amazing.

3. The international postal system also helps in that i get my materials and hard copies of assessed assignments that way.  i had to get a P.O. Box in order to ensure i had a place that mail could get to me.  Checking it has become a weekly ritual.

There are a few individuals who are helping me as i go along this journey:

lindy_norris4. Dr. Lindy Norris who is my thesis supervisor has been very good at providing assistance and opening lines of communication when problems have arisen.


5. Des Mitchell, one of my instructors, has been very good at giving me feedback and guiding my writing to fit academic requirements.  He’s helped me get on track as far as doing citations properly and losing my perchance to use language that is inappropriately quotidian.

peter_wright6. Dr. Peter Wright has driven home the lesson that if you want to play with the pros you have to follow their rules.  His research methods course has been a mind-bender and an eye opener and good preparation to getting my research question posed properly.

7. Cecily Scutt of the Graduate Centre’s  Research and Development arm has also helped with materials to assist me with how to get down and get on with the task of actually writing.

8. This Blogging Competition also helped me feel as if i’m a part of the Uni, albeit from a distance.

9. The Library and its Education Librarian has been helpful as regards giving me titles that i can utilize to assist me with my work.

10. one of my fellow travelers as a student is my muse, Kim.  She has been a big help in just providing a sounding board and providing a second opinion to my thoughts and prose. She is also doing her Ed D at Murdoch but in a very different line of practical classroom based research.


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  1. on behalf of the library and its librarians you are most welcome.

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