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everyone who can read has had a teacher in their lives, sometimes the teacher is also a parent; more often than not that teacher started as a total stranger but became a very important person in the life of the learner.  i would hazard a guess that anyone reading this has had at least one teacher that they think of as a really special person.

my dream job revolves around working with teachers and children: i’d like to open a model school to be used as a teacher training facility.  One where students enjoy to learn and teachers enjoy to teach.  One where teachers don’t worry about teacher burn out but look forward to each day; where students and teachers share “ah-ha” moments almost as often as they draw breath.

i’ve been a teacher of one sort or another for decades now; there have been days when it’s been the best job in the world and other days when i’ve wondered why i even bothered to wake up.

Currently i find myself at one of the low ebbs of my teaching career.  Despite laws to the contrary i see far too much reliance on corporal punishment and verbal abuse of students to keep them in line at the work site in which i am currently situated.

i’ve been working with teachers with a view to improving their performance for many years.  i would like to find out what it is that makes good teachers what they are.  There are someapple teachers who are just so good and others who shouldn’t even be let within 100 m of a school.  i find it hard to believe that they enjoy their work or that they wouldn’t be better off slinging burgers at a fast food outlet or some other equally rewarding occupation.

Are good teachers born to it?  what makes them what they are?  Why are they able to connect with their students and earn their respect and unconditional love?  It’s just amazing really; the purest form of platonic relationship.

Now that i’m learning how to properly do research, i think i’ve come up with more ideas of things that need researching…  the scope of things waiting to be discovered, mapped out, analysed continues to grow.  i’ve gone from wanting to write one book to having 3 on the back burner.  So ultimately my work as a student at Murdoch will lead me to improving the practice of teacher training through applied research and applied best practice.


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  1. You are an idealist. Questions you posed are food for thought. I am a teacher but for now i have no idea how to answer these questions but they are the seeds for me to re-think or better still to re-imagine what my role should be..

    Hold on to your dream. 🙂

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