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Yesterday the war on terror claimed the life of Michelle Lang, a gifted and award winning Calgary Herald reporter.  She was killed by an IED in Afganistan as she was travelling with a group of Canadian soldiers on a routine patrol outside their base in Kandahar.  Four soldiers also died with her in the same blast.  Given that a further eight Americans also died yesterday in Afganistan it makes for a rather terrible day for the body bag counters and, once again, begs the question: “What are we doing there?”

Time and history have proven that attempts to control Afganistan are doomed to failure.  Foreign troops should just be pulled out.  Let the Afganis sort themselves out.  No amounts of soldiers, good intentions or patronage will be able to change the outcome in Afganistan.  We can not mediate peace from the barrel of a gun or the blade of a bayonet.


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  1. Death is one destination no one escapes buy you are right, in this case I also cannot make sense of the why…


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