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Ah the start of a new academic year!  Oh joy!  Oh rapture!

The period between semesters has not exactly been quiet. my partner Kim and i are both EdD students enrolled at Murdoch.  we continued working full-time at our jobs in the public education system in the UAEi.  At the same time, under the guidance of our Academic Advisor Lindy Norris, we started to develop our formal “Program(s) of Study”.  Essentially this is a formal research proposal to be submitted to an academic panel to judge if it is worthy of going forward.  This week Lindy got our first drafts back to us: much remains to be done.

An other big change for us both vis a vis Murdoch U was Lindy’s strongly supported suggestion that we switch from full-time student status to part-time student status.  Kim and i both decided to follow Lindy’s advice given the realities of the difficulties of juggling work and studies. We won’t be finishing, in all likelihood, when we expected at the end of 2011.

Managed to liaise with Jarrod Fisher the Enrolments and Fees Officer in the Office of Student Life and Learning.  He was of great help getting our fees sorted out.  Once our enrolments were sorted out i went online and paid our fees with a credit card (to the max!) Later Jarrod was able to point me in the right direction when i had other enrollment questions: “My Answers” in the “My Info” section of the Uni website.

i love the way i’m able to get timely responses from people at the Uni… just waiting to hear an answer to my question posted…

the research story continues…


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  1. same story here. I might not be finishing this year, when my scholarship finishes. HOpefully, my sponsor will give me enough extension to finish my thesis. I hope that despite going ‘part-time’ (have you heard the stories of part-time PhD students) you’ll be able to finish within your time frame… cheers mate! 😀

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