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The following was recently posted on the TAP e-list. i thought it was too good not to pay it forward

Avatar, despite all the negative publicity, seems to be garnering some positive feedback. This could easily become a classroom activity:  Ask Ss to determine how many of their colleagues have seen Avatar… Ask them to ask each other how they interpret it?

  1. read the article
  2. which interpretation strikes a chord and why?
  3. elaborate in writing / pictures / multi-media…
  4. present to the class…

Check out the link, it’s amazing…

Salaam, Shalom, Paix, Peace, Pax,


A Palestinian "Na'vi"

“Avatar” Director James Cameron may have been thinking about the US in Iraq, but apparently many Palestinians have adopted the movie as a metaphor for their cause. In a rather bizarre demonstration, people in the West Bank town of Bil’in have been dressing up as blue Na’vi to protest at the border barriers. The image is striking, gets media attention, and certainly exemplifies the power of popular film.

Here’s an interesting list of how “Avatar” has been interpreted around the world, from China to Bolivia to Russia: “Avatar: an all-purpose allegory

David Bedell

Kudos to David for posting this on the TEACHERS AGAINST PREJUDICE e-list.


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