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An update: the soldiers were gone this morning from their posts in the guard-towers at the Sultan’s farm. And so was the Sultan. He was visiting his farm hence the soldiers i’ve learned.

An interesting point to make about this is that Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said uses his own nationals to protect him. A far cry from Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei Darussalam who has hired a company of Gurkas (the fearsome Nepalese mercenaries with their razor sharp kukris) to protect him, his palace and strategic tele-communications sites around his small Sultanate on the north shore of Borneo. He either doesn’t trust his own troops or knows they couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

On news related to security there was a front page article in the newspaper yesterday about how the Omani government security agency managed to uncover an Emirati spy ring working in the country.  Omanis are amazed at the very mention of politics in the local newspaper let alone on page 1.  The same newspaper has been running a small article with a picture about goings on in Egypt on page 7. The growing popular uprising is being termed it a “critical time”.

Meanwhile, the UAE Govt in Abu Dhabi has disavowed any knowledge of the actions of their spies in Oman.  Good morning Mr. Phelps!


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