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The Harper Government released a terse statement at midnight EST that, effective immediately, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was resigning. Reasons stated were an overwhelming sense of malaise and hopelessness at having destroyed any hope for Canada’s and indeed the global environment by having completely gutted the Navigable Waters Protection Act, destroyed the Global Environmental Monitoring System and Canada’s Experimental Lakes Area. Image

Not to mention destroying any credibility and traction Canada had on the world stage by withdrawing from both the Kyoto Accord and the UN Desertification Accord. Harpy is said, by insiders, to be helplessly hoping that Canadian history will redeem him as something less that the Mephistophelean caricature of a political opportunist and sell out to oil interests he has created for himself.

Henceforth the Government will be referred to as the Hapless Government. Stepping up to fill in as interim PM will be Bev Oda.




  1. If only this were true!

  2. So when some one makes an April Fools joke and nobody actually falls for it, does that make the person who started it the Fool?

    • In this case yes, but a fool in the Shakespearean sense. i.e. the Fool in King Lear, the only one in the court who can and does tell the truth to the King.

    • I would believe that is the case!

    • Harper has made better decisions for Canada that others before him who didn’t have the guts to make! He has guided Canada through this recession better than any country world wide, maybe people should start to appreciate him instead of “arm chair quarterback”.

      • Harpy didn’t guide the country through the recession. Canada’s effective banking laws did that. They ensured that the greed and corruption that infiltrated the American banking system could not be replicated in the Great White North. Give credit where credit is due. He’s done more to depreciate Canada’s standing in the world than all his predecessors combined. Until Harpy removes freedom of speech, oh wait he’s done that already to our scientists, librarians and archivists, i’ll continue to blog my mind.

        • Red
        • Posted April 2, 2013 at 02:24
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        are you kidding me? do you live under a rock?

        • Wade
        • Posted April 2, 2013 at 05:32
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        1oo% correct

        • Alfred
        • Posted April 2, 2013 at 08:42
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        Right on Janet.

        • Jackie
        • Posted April 2, 2013 at 15:41
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        That’s what I say too Janet.
        Also, Hon. Prime Minister Harper is the only one to stand with Israel at the UN and because of that, we have not suffered economic landslide like America.
        GOD says: Bless Israel and you will be blessed.
        Hooray for Mr. Harper! Long live his reign!

      • Jackie, only royals reign. i know Harpy thinks he’s King Shit but unfortunately he’s dragging us all down to the dung heap with him.
        As regards Isreal, you need to see The Gatekeepers. Out of the mouths of babes, (but in this case warriors) this new documentary is revelatory as 6 former heads of Shin Bet clear the air about past and present Israeli policy regarding the Middle East.

        • jordicusmaximus
        • Posted April 2, 2013 at 22:09
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        ^ Paid for by the Conservative Party of Canada™

      • I agree Janet. Under Harper, Canada has the #1 spot in the world for respect, the place to live and how are economy has been handled through this recession. It amazes me that the only people who don’t recognize this are Canadians. His only major mistake has been refusing to allow our abortion law (legal all 9 months) to be changed; but the NDP and Liberals were in cahoots with that decision. Baby girls (certain culture/religions only want boys), are aborted after the sex is discovered after 20 weeks. Babies, who can now be saved at 22 weeks, are aborted at 22 – 26 weeks. They are dismembered while they are alive and in the womb. This eliminates the possibility of a live birth and what to do with these babies then. Horrifying.

    • Janet you should really inform yourself better. The reason Canada made it through this recession so well is due to the decisions of Paul Martin, starting with when he was Finance Minister and then Prime Minister. Because of Martin’s decisions Harper has had a $50 billion slush fund at his disposal of which he has completely depleted while convincing short minded Canadians like yourself that he is a great economist.

        • sally
        • Posted April 2, 2013 at 05:34
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        Farion, are you joking? Is this an april fools joke?? Because of Mr. Martin I will never see an old age security pension from the government! All he did with Mr. Chretchien is robbed peter to pay paul, fancy accounting that has stripped future generations of OAS that we pay into. You need to inform yourself better, Janet is right, you are wrong.

    • Martin? ha, you got to be kidding, this is the guy who promised the bridge to his own birth city and later he retracted by saying that it wasn’t enough budget, now explain to me how a great economist who leaves 50 billion surplus tells to the public that there isn’t enough budget to create new infrastructure….Harper did it all, he has a great cabinet compared to Chretien or Martin. Harper is saving lots of taxpayer money on new immigration bill, in fact, we have the best minister of immigration of all times Mr Kenney. We just need to cut welfare and give it to the real needy, and create the voucher plastic card in our provinces, so they buy groceries for real and make sure rent money is spent on rent and not drugs or alcohol. In the US it worked great, here in Canada will too

    • what next will these lefies want to do…go Mr. Harper GO!!!!!!!

  3. That would be fantastic, if it was true.

  4. I do love a creative April Fool’s Joke.

  5. What a horrible April fools joke ! Way to get me excited ! For shame !!

  6. You people are idiots! we have the best leader in the world, give your head a shake.

    • Yeah, the Nazis had the same idea. Unfortunately Harpy is heading all of us into the Global Warming Greenhouse Gas Chamber.

        • Alfred
        • Posted April 2, 2013 at 08:45
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        Utterly wrong. Keep drinking the koolaid.

    • 100% Correct

    • Some ppls nowadays are pretty stupid.. Nobody realizes here that Bush oups I mean Harper (same thing) has plans to totally polute all of our waters and lands here in Canada? Thank god for the Indigenous ppls who are fighting for ALL CANADIANS!!! because most don’t see the big picture here… they only live for the present and not for the future generations to come…Idle No More!!

      • “Harper has plans to STOP pollution in our major waterways and lands; read what he was really trying to do!!! Any badly needed changes to the Indian Act were instigated after a nationwide consultation, and applauded by certain Chiefs who want to save the next generation. Idle no more had better get thier facts straight.

        • Not a Harper fan
        • Posted April 4, 2013 at 18:36
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        Jill, This is just what Harper wants Canadians to believe.. If you would have “read” things properly you would know that the Omnibus Bill that had been passed by his gov. lifted the protection of water way’s across Canada therefore allowing pollution to travel in our water ways..HOW IS THAT TRYING TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY FROM POLLUTION. I’m convinced that you must be a Harper follower… or better yet must have ties to Oil companies…His government is making clumsy attempts to bounce back from something via economic development. Creating economic development is fine but polluting our water ways is not the answer… as for the few chiefs you are referring to, The Chiefs do agree with moving forward, in a sense of recognizing and implementing of their ppls treaty’s, however to my knowledge they do not agree with the pollution to the land and the waters of Canada.

  7. Right on! The more we put out these ‘thought’ the more the reality actually will be created!

    • Harpy will get rolled over in the next general election. Only problem is it will take at least two parliamentary terms to undo the damage done by his last two OmniBus bills.

  8. I see the atheists and Liberals are having some fun on their globally recognized holiday. Too bad so few are paying attention. Oh yes that’s right, I almost forgot….the Libs just about became extinct after the last election, and I see they’re working at doing it again. As for the atheists, UnHappy “All Fools Day” to you all.

    • You need to develop a sense of humour and give yourself a reality check. Sticks and stones, Alex.

  9. Its so easy for us in comfortable, prosperous Canada to sit there and criticize everything that a government does – but in the same breath, complain that fuel is too expensive, that we need bigger TV’s, bigger trucks, more toys, and more time off. So many people live in the prosperous, utopian bubble that our society has created for them, and yet fail to see the irony in their venemous, hate filled proclamations against all things traditional or conservative.

    Has harper been perfect? No. Do his environmental policies need some improvement? In my opinion, yes. But this government has guided us well through the worst recession in recent history, and they deserve some credit.

    • Read the replies to Janet about where the credit is due for Canada not getting rolled over in the recession. But i’ll agree that Canadians do need to lead more ecologically aware lives. we don’t own a TV and when we do need a car we rent for a day. we don’t live in a prosperous bubble, we have three kids we’re trying to help get thru post-secondary studies. The only venom and hate on this page are yours.

    • This without doubt is the most sensible post on this blog, well said ! People do not realize just how good we have it, and like it or not, Harper has done a credible job. No man or government is perfect.

    • Have you no grasp of history? Read Harpers speeched when he was with the Canadian Taxpayers Association. He wanted the safe guards taken off the banks. If he had had his way Canada would have been in the same boat as the U.S. He is by far the worst P.M. in Canadian history.

  10. The fool is the one that cannot take a joke.

  11. This is more of a rant than an April Fool’s Joke. The waterways that were removed from the Navigable Waters Protection Act are still protected under the environment act. They were removed because these waters are not navigable anymore, which is the point of the act. In regards to the Canadian recession, yes our banking system is great and prevented our economy from suffering even more. Remember we have had both Liberal and PC leaders in charge before Harper and they have all contributed to the country. But when the recession hit, Harper didn’t get to stand by because leaders before him did the work. He still had to stimulate the economy. That meant cutting jobs, creating jobs, increasing funding and decreasing funding. The areas that got cut funding obviously thought that was a terrible decision, while those who got jobs would think the opposite. The Armed Forces also got cut funding, for those who also brand Harper as a military man.

    Frothquaffer, credit is due to our banking system. Yes. But are you implying that that’s all a government had to do in a recession, was to stand by our banking system? Give credit where it is also due.

  12. This isn’t funny or creative. It doesn’t read like a press release, isn’t structured like one and as such isn’t believable. Plus we’ve been on Daylight Time for awhile now. D for effort.

  13. At least harper was and is better then that liberal leader who resigned

  14. At those who feel Harper “guided us through the recession” I’d like to point out that Harper fought long and hard to deregulate our banks in the same way the US did pre-crash. He had all sorts of arguments why Canada was locked away missing out on a golden economic opportunity. It was only after teh collapse of the housing sector in the US that he suddenly changed his tune… So how is it again that he is able in anyone’s eyes to be credited with guiding us so well? He got lucky that his minority government at the time was prevented from pushing through his visions unobstructed! If only he was leaving room for any debate or discussion in parliament now! As an atheist liberal (in the left leaning rather than party sense of the word) happy April Fools to all! Now lets get these fools out of Ottawa!

    • Really??? Funny I never heard any of what you claim. By the way, you conveniently forget to mention that the Bank Act which regulates our banks was enacted by the Conservative Government in response to the Great Depression. Oh and here’s a tip for you, the Navigable Waters Protection Act has absolutely nothing to do with environmental protection. It governs navigation of waters, building of bridges, obstructions to navigation, etc. And the act isn’t being scrapped, the feds are just reducing the number of waterways they govern because it is costing the taxpayers a fortune. If the provinces what to pick up the responsibility, nobody is stopping them.

  15. This is a joke right? Kyoto accord was a horrible decision, Canada should withrdaw. Also Bev Oda is retired…where are the sources for these claims?

  16. Too bad! I was so hoping it was real.

  17. ha ha ha dat so funny joke you make. so vote for the shiny pony in the next election – or the incredibly ambitious socialist mulcair – or last chance for romance lizzy goes green. in a democracy, it’s all about choice.

    • Under the current Parliamentary rules it is first past the post, it’s not about choice. The majority did not vote for Harpy yet they quietly accepted his majority Harpy Government. Perhaps people are waking up. 2015 isn’t that far away only two more “Econ Action Plans” need to be sifted through:

  18. The ones praising Harper are the real jokesters here! C’mon. Can we all agree that Harper’s regime has been very very bad? C-38, C-45, unprotected majority of our lakes and rivers, the Tar Sands are the biggest producers of greenhouse gases in the world, we bailed on Kyoto (which we had initiated), we recently pulled-out of the UN convention on desertification (only country to do so), Canada now participates in military actions as combattants (instead of “casques bleus”), he ignored Chief Spence’s hunger strike, he is abolishing all of our aboriginals’ rights, they spent delirious amounts of money on “security” for the G20 in Toronto (arrested thousand people), etc, etc. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. As for carrying through the current financial crisis, liberals left us with a large surplus (approx 10 billions), whereas we are now in the red for about a -100 billion. Conservatives (here, south of us, etc.) criticize the cost of “social” programs, disingenuously, because they end-up spending FAR-more on war.

    • Whatever surplus was left was properly used during the big recession by bailing out the big three plus the bank measures. Chief Spence? Hunger strike? Hahaha, what a joke! she was seen entering several times to a room in order to drink soups and other types of food. Kyoto? Kyoto agreement what it does is to bring regulations and non-development for business which represses creation of jobs, that’s why the US didn’t sign and they are recovering, slowly but safely..Don’t fool yourself, you and your liberal pals are the joke here, I used to be a Liberal and I switch due to your immorality and high taxation…

  19. If only this were true!

  20. The highest percentage of Canada’s population isn’t financially comfortable. Only the lowest percentage of the population is, because the MAJORITY of Canadians are not rich enough to live here anymore.

    The majority, are struggling even more than before Harperville came into being, because of the ‘manually-inflated economy’ that has reduced the middle incomes to low incomes and has increased the cost of living so that only the ‘special ones’, the high income ones (like himself) can afford the new cars, big t.v.’s and pretty houses.
    More people live on the street because hope and ambition are gone.

    The cost of a home once selling for $30,000. is now $130,000.. That’s one heck of an inflation over the past 15 years but CPP that is supposed to be fully indexed to keep up with inflation has increased $3.00 per year per person. Wow $45 bucks!
    Maybe some of you will recall that Harper removed certain commodities from the inflation calculations because they were too variable…one was housing and the second was food costs. These are not included in your inflation figures.
    Soon gasoline will be deducted in inflation calculations, if it hasn’t already been done so as a grocery item.

    This sociopathic sh–h–d doesn’t care about the consequences to the Canadian people

    To add to that, perhaps you remember when Harper decided that all vehicles under the year 2000 were garbage and should be traded in or removed from the roads… low income folks drive those vehicles and then no matter how much I fixed mine up or how well I cared for it, my mid-90’ies SUV, was rendered virtually worthless to sell or trade-in.
    And – trade in on what? A brand new inflated priced vehicle for anywhere from $21,000. to $51, we can all afford the payments on those!

    The changes in our economy are not for the better because the best interests of the majority of Canadians have not been considered by our Federal Government administration…period.

  21. “April Fool has come and past, and you’re the biggest fool at last”

  22. I fell for it at first. After reading news, I found out it was a joke.

  23. Do any of the people reading this even know what the Navigable Waters Protection Act is? It has absolutely nothing to do with environmental protection folks! I wish people would inform themselves before jumping on political bandwagons. Bill C-45 does not remove environmental protection from lakes and rivers. It affects the Navigable Waters Protection Act which has nothing to do with environmental protection. Read the Act before you go off half-cocked. You can find it here:

    • Rather than a lecture why not give a thumbnail sketch of what it is then because many of us are focused on other issues but are willing to add out support to a wider variety including those others support and have looked into in far greater depth.
      It is called crowd sourcing I believe.

  24. Why don’t you people worry about the real polluters of the world, like China, India and Mexico???? Stop buying products made in China, India, Mexico and other nations who have absolutely no environmental regulations when it comes to manufacturing???? Guess what, pollution in China ends up in Canada…you know…the winds blow from west to east! Get a grip and focus your attention of the real problems facing not only the environment but the global economy…China is the biggest threat to all of us. They steal our jobs, counterfeit our products and sell them cheaper, and, yes, they don’t give a damn about pollution….money is all they care about and they are becoming the richest and most powerful nation in the world.

  25. You people are just plain stupid. what a ridiculous post – you should be ashamed. Harper is the best Prime Minister we have ever seen! we can only hope he stays fro 2 or 3 more elections. Then Peter McKay can take over. We never had it so good!

  26. It obvious most of you buggers havent been anywhere!!Go to some other countries for awhile & see how the rest of the world is fairing!!You will be kissing the ground when you get back I will guarantee it friends.Ive seen the world up close and personal and Im glad to be a Canadian & glad Mr.Harper is our Prime Minister!!!

    • i’ve lived more than 29 of the last 35 years outside of Canada. Canada used to be respected; this is no longer the case. we’ve lost our valued voice as reasonable honest brokers in the international community as Harpy has withdrawn Canada from international fora and commitments and aligned our foreign policy with economic imperatives that are short-sighted and damning in the medium and long-term.
      The only reason we’re not yet pariahs is we’re restricting ourselves to kettling our citizens and have yet to drone them. Where Harpy spends our tax $$$ is proof of his ethos: millions on subsidizing big-oil, self-promotion and closing down free speech while cutting funding to scientific research and alternative energy creation. 2015 can’t come soon enough.

      • What a load of crap!!! Besides the International ratings ranking Canada as #1, I have International contacts who say the same. I was responding to you further but what’s the point? You’re obviously a moron.

      • Which international rankings are you quoting Jill? References please! Canada used to be ranked in the top five, now we’re not even in the top ten. Canada only ranks #1 in terms of flax, canary seed and maple syrup production. Vancouver, a decade ago, was ranked #1 in terms of best urban area in the world but has now slipped to #5 and has been usurped by Vienna. However Vancouver still has the highest ranking of any North American city.

        • Walter
        • Posted April 4, 2013 at 15:32
        • Permalink

        Usurped? What a inappropriate word! I’ve been in Vienna and of course Vancouver, for decades Vienna was one of the top cities and Vancouver never on the top. You must live in a parallel world

        • Walter
        • Posted April 4, 2013 at 15:35
        • Permalink

        Usurped? What a inappropriate word! I’ve been in Vienna and of course Vancouver, for decades Vienna was one of the top cities and Vancouver never on the top. You must live in a parallel world. Vienna always will be on the top of any Canadian city, that city doesn’t have beggars asking for change for a coffee like in Vancouver or Toronto. Don’t try to evacuate above your arse. What a joke!

        • Leslie
        • Posted April 6, 2013 at 22:41
        • Permalink

        Frothquaffer….thank-you so much. I have been to many countries, both rich and poor and see a decay taking place in Canada under this administration.
        Only the young who have not experienced anything else could support the status-quo.
        How very sad that they fail to see the truth because we have seen that all it takes is a cash handout of $100 per child-care to buy votes. Unbelievable!
        We need the change in our election process so that a man who is not supported by the majority of ALL-voters cannot be elected here. Split votes for other parties must not count as invisible.
        We must just add the votes of the 2 front-runners together and deduct all other votes from the total, then separate using percentages to see what the true support figures of the two parties really are.

        And we need a change in our justice system to ensure that murderers cannot hide behind the scam of mental illness and so that pedophiles have an island especially for themselves forever. The consequences must suit the crime.
        We need an administration that is willing to do it’s part to cleanse the planet of pollution and not hire the worst accident-prone corp. in the world to man the keystone pipeline – speaking of the ‘no-clean-up’ monster called EXXON here.

        There is so much negligence apparent now – and so much that could be done right with ethics & values that would both save the economy and ensure the best interests of all Canadians are served that If not done, our country and our majority are doomed to be swept under the rug.
        Affluence is false when it’s all just a bunch of debts.

    • I understand your point of view and would be in total agreement – if I weren’t so concerned with our future with the knowledge that what you are admiring about Canada is a mirage con-job.
      Affluence is false when it is all debt.

      Trudeau started the first deficit spending with the belief that the inflation rate would change for the better and swallow the debt he creaated. It never happened and all administrations have existed on deficit spending to do the job of making Canada look good ever since…both Conservative Party admins pushed the debt into the stratisphere and Paul Martin was the one person who reduced it to a managable and easily destroyed level. Canadians peed on that man when we had the chance to be goverened by him and now we are back with Conservatives and their corrupt spending habits.
      I love my country so much that I could vomit at the mess I see it in and the way it is being mismanaged by the man who doesn’t know what he is doing, tries to hide that, and enjoys the power he is hooked on – to deny and say NO whenever he wants regardless of the damage he does.

  27. Seems pretty clear from the comment thread that it will be some time still before the emperor’s new clothes are revealed in all their finery.

    • Conservatives, by definition, are resistant to change or innovation.

        • Walter
        • Posted April 5, 2013 at 16:23
        • Permalink

        Reformist/Liberals by definition are resistant to low taxation, addicted to welfare and handout lovers. About innovation, If you analyze through decades, Canada’s innovation and technology developed mostly during Conservative governments, Liberals only continued or finished the job started by Conservative. Economy? great economies are built by productivity and not high taxation. Harper government has unmasked everything about this country. He proved that the economy of this country was strong only by high taxation of citizens and buying the US dollar cheap and re-sell it instead of productivity, innovation and development, making the changes he made so everyone get their … to work. That’s why when he cut taxes, Liberal premiers raised them, FEDS only hands the money to the provinces and the responsibility lays on them. McGuinty broke Ontario, the Bloc did Quebec and BC still recovering from Campbell and dealing with Clark. Finally, HST is officially over. So, say again? Who is who?

  28. My first reply/post was for Frothquaffer and my last reply/ posted was intended for Mike Sigsworth and those in agreement with him.
    If Canadians don’t get their values and their finances straight , they and their children will have something huge to cope with and the people who conned you will be long-gone with your money.
    We have come closest to bankruptcy under Harper than at any other time in our history. We have been saved by our deficit and taxing the poor by raising the cost of living beyond the reach of most people here.
    Let them eat cake and blaming them for their poverty is a sociopatic trait that must not be allowed to rule. Raise the bar.

  29. Walter, I had a little brother who, when we were driving along the coastline of Nova Scotia and Mother said to him “Oh look at the waves on the ocean,” promptly looked in the wrong direction and answered, “Where?”

    You remind me of him very much but he was a baby and you are an adult. You are delberately looking in the wrong direction.

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