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The Harper Government released a terse statement at midnight EST that, effective immediately, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was resigning. Reasons stated were an overwhelming sense of malaise and hopelessness at having destroyed any hope for Canada’s and indeed the global environment by having completely gutted the Navigable Waters Protection Act, destroyed the Global Environmental Monitoring System and Canada’s Experimental Lakes Area. Image

Not to mention destroying any credibility and traction Canada had on the world stage by withdrawing from both the Kyoto Accord and the UN Desertification Accord. Harpy is said, by insiders, to be helplessly hoping that Canadian history will redeem him as something less that the Mephistophelean caricature of a political opportunist and sell out to oil interests he has created for himself.

Henceforth the Government will be referred to as the Hapless Government. Stepping up to fill in as interim PM will be Bev Oda.